Get ready to experience a community project that's all about love, nostalgia, and inspiration - Peach Inu! Inspired by our childhood memories of playing the iconic Mario game, Peach Inu is a project that's designed to bring together people who share the same passion for the lovable princess - Princess Peach.
As we saw the upcoming Mario Super Bros Movie trailer, we were reminded of our childhood memories and the strong desire to connect with others who felt the same way. The focus of the game might have been Mario, but for us, it was always about rescuing Princess Peach, our motivation every time we played.
And when we saw the new trailer, we were blown away by the new portrayal of Princess Peach - strong, intelligent, confident, and beautiful. We knew that there had to be a place for Princess Peach lovers to show their love, and that's how Peach Inu was born.
Last modified 7mo ago